"Aside from providing a great experince for our dog (Mack), we have the peace of mind knowing he is safe and well taken care of when he is at The Dog Spot.  The staff at The Dog Spot is loving and knowledgable. And, they provide all we need in one stop shop, Playtime, bath, food and toys!"  Rachel Client Since June 2010


"I love going to The Dog Spot to see all my buddies.  Not only do I get playtime and exersice, but I learn social skills that teach me to be a good boy wherever I am"  Mack




"The Dog Spot is a lifesaver, and a couch saver, a shoe saver and a home saver. Our precious little pug, Jae Jae, though very cute and innocent looking really likes to chew.  After hanging at The Dog Spot all day, he is just too pooped and not interested in searching for things to chew up at home. The Dog Spot has truly given Jae Jae, something to look forward to and keep him so busy that when he is back home with us, he just wants to cuddle and snuggle. Thanks to all the staff at The Dog Spot for loving Jae Jae." Donna Client Since Sept 2010


"The Dog Spot Rocks! So much to do, and never enought time to get it all done, running, playing, digging, chasing, and best of all "off the leash". The ultimate dream for pups like me, hanging with my friends all happy and free!" Jae Jae